50 outdoor table theme ideas

50 outdoor table theme ideas

If you're looking for some outdoor table theme ideas to inspire yourself this summer and every season, here we bring you 50. 10 for every season, and for all year around. I hope you enjoy this collection of ideas and that it inspires you to create something great.


  1. Classic White and Green: Crisp white linens, green foliage, and simple ceramic tableware.
Classic White and Green table setting
  1. Rustic Elegance: Wooden table, burlap runners, and mason jar centerpieces with wildflowers.
Rustic Elegance table setting
  1. Pastel Perfection: Soft pastel tablecloths, matching napkins, and light floral arrangements.
Pastel Perfection table setting
  1. Garden Party: Floral tablecloth, garden-picked flowers, and vintage-inspired china.
Garden Party table setting
  1. Modern Minimalist: Neutral tones, sleek tableware, and minimalistic flower arrangements.
Modern Minimalist table setting
  1. Country Chic: Gingham tablecloth, wooden accents, and fresh daisies.
Country Chic table setting
  1. Herb Garden: Potted herbs as centerpieces, natural linens, and earthy tones.
Herb Garden table setting
  1. Scandinavian Spring: Simple lines, natural wood, and fresh white flowers.
Scandinavian Spring table setting
  1. Eco-Friendly: Recycled materials, potted plants, and sustainable tableware.
Eco-Friendly table setting
  1. Botanical Bliss: Botanical prints, greenery centerpieces, and light-colored linens.
Botanical Bliss table setting


  1. Coastal Calm: Blue and white decor, seashell centerpieces, and nautical accents.
Coastal Calm table setting
  1. Mediterranean Magic: Blue and white ceramics, olive branches, and lemons.
Mediterranean Magic table setting
  1. Boho Chic: Macrame runners, colorful cushions, and eclectic tableware.
Boho Chic table setting
  1. Tropical Retreat: Palm leaves, vibrant colors, and rattan accessories.
Tropical Retreat table setting
  1. French Bistro: Bistro chairs, checkered tablecloth, and simple yet elegant table settings.
French Bistro table setting
  1. Modern Tropical: Bold patterns, lush greenery, and gold accents.
Modern Tropical table setting
  1. Sunset Glow: Warm tones, lanterns, and soft fabrics.
Sunset Glow table setting
  1. Al Fresco Dining: Simple white tablecloth, fresh flowers, and elegant glassware.
Al Fresco Dining table setting
  1. Outdoor Oasis: Cushioned seating, natural wood, and soft lighting.
Outdoor Oasis table setting
  1. Moroccan Nights: Bright colors, patterned tablecloths, and lanterns.
Moroccan Nights table setting


  1. Autumn Harvest: Earthy tones, pumpkin centerpieces, and natural textures.
Autumn Harvest table setting
  1. Rustic Farmhouse: Wooden table, burlap, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Rustic Farmhouse table setting
  1. Warm and Cozy: Plaid blankets, warm colors, and candlelight.
Warm and Cozy table setting
  1. Sophisticated Fall: Dark tableware, gold accents, and deep-hued flowers.
Sophisticated Fall table setting
  1. Wine Country: Rich colors, grapevine centerpieces, and elegant glassware.
Wine Country table setting
  1. Nature's Palette: Muted fall colors, dried leaves, and simple table settings.
Nature's Palette table setting
  1. Woodland Theme: Natural elements, wood slices, and forest-inspired decor.
Woodland Theme table setting
  1. Modern Rustic: Clean lines, wood, and minimalistic fall decor.
  1. Harvest Celebration: Cornucopias, rich colors, and natural elements.
  1. Elegant Thanksgiving: Sophisticated tableware, fall colors, and subtle holiday accents.
  1. Winter Wonderland: White linens, silver accents, and snowy branches.
  1. Holiday Elegance: Red and gold, festive tableware, and elegant centerpieces.
  1. Cozy Cabin: Warm tones, plaid, and rustic elements.
  1. Nordic Winter: White and grey, natural wood, and simple decor.
  1. Glamorous New Year's: Black, gold, and silver with sparkling accents.
  1. Candlelit Dinner: Soft lighting, cozy textiles, and simple elegance.
  1. Frosty Blue: Shades of blue, white, and silver with icy decor.
  1. Classic Christmas: Traditional colors, elegant tableware, and festive touches.
  1. Winter Greenery: Evergreens, pinecones, and natural elements.
  1. Sophisticated Hanukkah: Blue and silver, elegant table settings, and simple decor.


We've seen various ideas, gorgeous settings and moods. Whatever you like or wherever you are, theres one for every weather and occasion. I hope you found great ideas from this post, happy hosting!

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