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Cattail Woven Round Futon

Cattail Woven Round Futon


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Japanese style meditation cushion made out of natural straws.

This can be used as a sitting meditation cushion or even as a tea table to drink while sitting on the floor, with your loved ones.

The cushion is made out of natural straw and it's eco-friendly. The process of making it is free of artificial chemicals and paint.

If you love meditation or some of your loved ones do and you're thinking of a gift, this cushion is a great idea.

Material: Cattail Straw, Fabric.
Package Size: 45x45x5cm
Shipping: 8-12 days from China.

Size Information:
Dimensions: diameter 40 cm/height 17 cm, diameter 50 cm/height 17 cm, diameter 60 cm/height 17 cm


Dimensions: 40 cm (Ø) x 17 cm, 50 cm (Ø) x 17 cm, 60 cm (Ø) x 17 cm
Weight: 1000 g, 1500 g, 2000 g

Dimensions: 15.7 in (Ø) x 6.7 in, 19.7 in (Ø) x 6.7 in, 23.6 in (Ø) x 6.7 in
Weight: 2.2 lb, 3.3 lb, 4.4 lb


Materials: Cattail Straw, Fabric

Care information

Care instructions: Spot clean only. Do not submerge in water.

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