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Cream Linen Curtains

Cream Linen Curtains


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Embrace the ethereal beauty of nature with our sumptuous cream linen curtains. Meticulously crafted from an exquisite blend of linen and cotton, these curtains embody organic sophistication. The soft, undulating folds mimic the gentle cascade of a waterfall, instantly evoking a sense of tranquility in your sanctuary.

As the morning light filters through the sheer linen, it casts a warm, diffused glow reminiscent of a sun-dappled forest canopy. Yet the blackout lining allows you to cocoon your space in restorative darkness when desired, nurturing a sublime atmosphere for undisturbed relaxation.

Whether draping the floor-to-ceiling windows of a chic urban loft or framing the bucolic views of a countryside villa, these versatile curtains harmonize seamlessly. The all-natural fibers, sustainably sourced from European flax fields and Indian cotton plantations, inspire a conscious connection with nature's bounty.


Dimensions: 50 cm x 150 cm (19.7 in x 59.1 in)
Weight: 1200 g (2.6 lbs)


Materials: Linen, Cotton

Care information

Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Line dry. Do not bleach.

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