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Japanese Tea Set 2.29oz/65ml Mino-ware Evening Wind

Japanese Tea Set 2.29oz/65ml Mino-ware Evening Wind


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Introducing the Japanese Tea Set Mino Burning Evening Wind, a truly elegant and refreshing addition to your tea collection. With its average vessel shape, this tea set provides both comfort and sophistication. The clear and elegant glaze color adds a touch of class to every sip. The square-shaped japanese cups, designed with just the right size, exudes a masculine appeal while providing a full and comfortable grip. Its Zen texture gives off a casual understatement, yet emanates a strong sense of tranquility for daily use.

The set showcases various glazes, from the calm and retro jet black frosted texture to the clear and elegant colors that capture the eye. Each piece is meticulously handmade, leaving behind black spots, pores, or cracked ice glaze that exude a Zen atmosphere.

The set consists of five japanese tea cups, each with an indifferent and calm character and adorned with different shades of colors. Perfect for adding a burst of color to your tea parties or gifting to friends for a delightful tea-drinking experience.

The Evening Breeze Tea Cup Five-piece Set, also known as the Melting Snow Teacup Five-piece Set, boasts a diameter of 6.3cm and 6.8cm, with heights of 4.3cm and 4.8cm respectively. With a capacity of 65ml and 90ml, these stoneware tea cups are a beautiful representation of the Wabi-sabi Zen philosophy, condensing the essence of all four seasons in their design.

Crafted through traditional firing, using high-temperature calcined Kaolin porcelain clay and the traditional underglaze color process, these cups are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly durable. The unglazed circle at the bottom ensures stability and adds a touch of beauty to each cup.

Packaged in a unique vertical and horizontal wooden box, these unique tea cups makes for a thoughtful and interesting gift, perfect for those who appreciate the silent beauty and tranquility found in hand-made products. Experience the harmony and elegance of the tea ceremony and elevate your tea-drinking experience to new heights.



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