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Japanese Ceramic Bowl With Handle

Japanese Ceramic Bowl With Handle


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Introducing our exquisite Japanese Weaving Pottery Bowls, imported directly from Aichi Prefecture, Japan. These versatile bowls are perfect for serving soups, stews, cereal, salads, and so much more. With their smooth glaze and hand-painted decoration, each bowl is a masterpiece in itself, blending traditional and modern beauty effortlessly. The brown Tang grass pattern, hand-painted in Japanese style, adds a touch of elegance and free-spiritedness to the bowls. The weaving technique and retro cracked ice glaze give them a unique charm, while the delicate quality and authentic bottom seal guarantee their authenticity. Experience the rich craftsmanship and traditional techniques of Seto-yaki ceramics, known for their exquisite shapes and colors, showcasing the bold personality of Oribe ware. These Japanese Weaving Pottery Bowls are a must-have for anyone seeking to add a touch of sophistication and cultural inspiration to their dining experience.

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Japan with our Japanese Weaving Pottery Bowls. These exquisite bowls are not only functional but also works of art that bring a touch of Japanese elegance to your table. Individually hand-painted with a brown Tang grass pattern, each bowl is unique and showcases the skilled brushstrokes and casual naturalness of Japanese artisanal design. The traditional arabesque decoration and woven glaze color perfectly complement the shape of the small bowl, creating a harmonious and visually stunning aesthetic. From serving soups to enjoying a warm bowl of ramen, these Japanese Weaving Pottery Bowls are versatile and can elevate any dining experience. Crafted with delicate quality and adorned with a retro cracked ice glaze, these bowls embody the timeless allure of Japanese ceramics. Immerse yourself in the beauty and mindfulness of Japanese culture and soups with our authentic Japanese Weaving Pottery Bowls.

Size: 13.5x5cm/5.3inchx2inch

Capacity: 330ml/11.6oz Weight: 2kg/4.4lb



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