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Reactive Glazed Pottery Mug 13.5oz | Latte Mug, Colorful Mug Set, Ceramics Modern Mug, Japanese Pottery Mug

Reactive Glazed Pottery Mug 13.5oz | Latte Mug, Colorful Mug Set, Ceramics Modern Mug, Japanese Pottery Mug


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The Japanese glazed mug is made of ceramic. The reactive glaze design wraps around the outside. The inside is left unglazed. The mug holds 13.5 ounces and comes with a wooden lid and a gold plated spoon.

Good for your daily us and to make your morning coffee more than a ordinary breakfast!

-Includes the wooden lid and the golden spoon.
-Made of ceramic, Eco-Friendly.
-It comes with a strainer made of ceramic.
-Capacity, 13.5oz /400ml
-Shipping from china, 8-12 day shipping time.-


Do 2 mugs have large difference between them?

The nature of handmade products are that not 2 are alike. Every mug that has many colors has the flakes and the effects a bit different, like humans have moles or freckles.

Think of buying handmade like purchasing a plant or a pet, you don't expect 2 to be 100% the same and nor should you.

But we have a guarantee that if you're not satisfied with any handmade product color, if it has a 50% color difference, send it back at our expense and we will send you a free replacement.

What is the ideal care for this product?

It's better to clean this product by hand.

Does it have a flat surface?

Yes, you can let it no any surface without problem.

Can you make mug cake in this mug?

No, it's not recommendable to heat it at high temperatures

How do you hold this mug?

This mug made to grab it the same way shown in the pictures.

Does the color go all the way to the interior?

The interior color is on glazed, pottery mugs a bit softer but it still has the effect.

Does the handle get very hot if microwaved.

We don't recommend microwave usage for this mugs.


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Guarantee in case of defect

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If you buy a clear wood lamp and it comes in dark chocolate brown don't worry you'll get a replacement.

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