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Stoneware Handmade Irregular Ice Cracked Ceramic Tableware

Stoneware Handmade Irregular Ice Cracked Ceramic Tableware


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This is an Irregular stoneware plate, which holds his history on the texture and shape which its surface possesses. These pieces are handmade, each has its own unique beauty, just as no 2 leaves in a tree are exactly alike but beautiful like any leaf in a tree.

The texture of these plates has a contrast of glazed cracked glass in the upper part and of rugged stoneware on the borders. It's old and ethnic but modern and sophisticated at the same time.

It makes a great addition to a nordic, Scandinavian, or rustic table setting. And because of the beauty of these plates, you can expose them in your dining room when you are not using them.

-Beautiful durable finish and is very aesthetical.
-Compliments rustic, ethnic, nordic, Scandinavian, farmhouse, and many more styles.
-We can sell the whole set for a great discount, ask if you're interested.


Dimensions: 24 cm (9.5 inches) diameter, Weight: 500 g (1.1 lbs)


Stoneware, Ceramic

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Hand wash recommended.

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