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Wabi-sabi Irregular Beige Serving Tray

Wabi-sabi Irregular Beige Serving Tray


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Our Wabi-sabi Irregular Serving Tray is a lovely addition to any serveware collection. With their irregular oval shape and slightly uneven borders, these two ceramic serving plates combine wabi-sabi aesthetics with rustic elegance and handcrafted appeal.

The bigger tray has a smooth, glossy finish that enhances its brilliant blue and green flower pattern, while the smaller tray has a textured, matte feel with a more muted yellow and orange floral pattern. Each tray is an art piece that showcases imperfection and asymmetry, providing character and charm.

Any tablescape benefits from these elegant serving trays for appetizers, sweets, and drinks. Together or alone, they add whimsy and refinement to any event or everyday use.

Explore the art of imperfection and elevate your serving experience with our Wabi-sabi Irregular Serving Tray set, a beautiful balance of rustic appeal and refined beauty. Enhance your hosting game with these lovely and distinctive trays that appreciate handcrafted and imperfect art.


Dimensions: 24 cm x 19 cm (9.4 in x 7.5 in)
Weight: 900 g (2 lbs)



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Hand wash only. Avoid using abrasive cleaners.

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