The Rising Trend of Blue Home Decor in 2024

The Rising Trend of Blue Home Decor in 2024

As the new year approaches, the color blue is expected to reign supreme in the world of home decor. Gentle, steely blues have been picked as the color of the year for 2024 by paint producers. Our collective need for balance and calm in our living spaces is driving this trend.

Adding Blue to Your Home

Mixing and matching patterns and textures: To avoid a monotonous appearance, incorporate a variety of textures and patterns into your design. Add patterned pillows or shaggy-textured objects instead of sticking to solid blue pieces. This will provide your area visual interest and keep it from becoming too one-note.

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Using multiple shades of blue: Just because the color of the year is a light blue doesn't mean you can't explore with other blue tones. Combine dramatic colors like deep navy and brilliant cerulean, or go for subtler tones like slate blue and denim. Blue's adaptability allows you to build a unique palette that adds a sense of calm to your home.

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Starting with little accessories: If you're scared to totally commit to blue, begin with small blue accessories. Candles, vases, and throw pillows are inexpensive and simple to replace if you decide to change your color palette later. These minor alterations can fit in with your current design while introducing the relaxing vibe of blue.

Round Textured Wabi-Sabi Vase

Changing out artwork: Changing out artwork is one of the simplest methods to refresh your home. Examine many prints and paintings that use blue tones. Consider investing in high-quality frames to elevate any artwork, while also looking for inventive methods to save money on the art itself, such as downloading digital prints from Etsy.

E. Experiment with wallpaper: While it may appear to be a severe step, experimenting with blue wallpaper may be a fun and impactful way to incorporate the color into your area. With the availability of peel-and-stick wallpaper, it is now easier than ever to experiment with wallpaper without committing to a long-term commitment. This may instantly transform the environment by adding texture, color, and pattern to an otherwise blank space.

These are just a few ideas for incorporating the blue home decor trend into your own living area. You can create a peaceful and energetic house for the next year by blending patterns and textures, experimenting with different shades, starting small with accessories, swapping out artwork, or experimenting with wallpaper. Stay tuned for the next blog post, in which we'll look at Benjamin Moore's color of the year, Blue Nova, as well as other blue color trends in 2024.

Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year: Blue Nova

Blue nova color

Blue Nova and its inspiration: Benjamin Moore has named Blue Nova the Color of the Year for 2024. It is a blue and violet combination that inspires adventure, elevates a space, and broadens vistas. This appealing mid-tone blue shade combines depth and intrigue with timeless appeal. Blue Nova is a versatile and classic color that can boost any space.

Taking a Look at the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2024 Palette: Blue Nova is one of ten colors included in the Color Trends 2024 palette. These complementary colors assist you in decorating with Blue Nova and making the color actually pop while creating a comfortable and elegant environment. The palette depicts duality by juxtaposing bright and dark, warm and cool, and complimentary and contrasting hue pairings.

Blue Nova in interior spaces: Blue Nova can be blended into a variety of areas and styles. From London homes with Blue Nova walls and vivid accent chairs in living rooms and home offices to Scandinavian kitchens with blue cabinets paired with warm wooden accents, the color adds a sense of refinement and peace to any area. Blue Nova can also be used to create a coherent and harmonious mood in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even as subtle home décor accents.

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IV. Other Blue Color Trends in 2024

Top interior designers and paint firms such as Valspar, Minwax, C2, and Dunn-Edwards anticipate that blue will be a popular color trend in 2024. These firms have also chosen various shades of blue as their colors of the year, demonstrating the color's adaptability and popularity.

Blue is known in interior design for its calming impact and may be used in any room of the house. Lighter blues can produce a sense of spaciousness and openness, whilst deeper and darker blues can create a rich, dramatic atmosphere.

Blue's versatility allows for a wide range of styles and aesthetics. It can be combined with various colors and materials to create a variety of moods and emotions in a room.

Blue is ideal for places that require relaxation and unwinding, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and restrooms. Its relaxing energy can contribute to the creation of a quiet and pleasant environment.

In conclusion

The blue home decor trend in 2024 provides a plethora of options for altering your living spaces. Whether you embrace Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year, Blue Nova, or experiment with other blue tones and trends, adding blue into your home may bring harmony, tranquility, and a feeling of adventure. Stay back for the last installment of our blog series, in which we'll look into further blue color trends and provide additional inspiration for incorporating blue into your home design.

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