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Ceramic Japanese Bowls Sets of 2

Ceramic Japanese Bowls Sets of 2


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Introducing our Ceramic Japanese Bowls sets - a delightful combination of traditional Mino yaki craftsmanship and elegant design. 

Each of the handmade ceramic ramen bowls in this set is beautifully adorned with a hand-painted pattern inspired by toon flowers, camellias, and ten grass patterns. 

The craftsmanship technique involves adding touches of yellow, green, and blue, making each bowl captivating and appealing. The crystalline ice cracks on the glaze surface add a touch of harmony and order amidst the artistry.

Crafted using antique glazed stoneware and hand painted, these hand painted bowl have a retro beige glaze that showcases numerous small dark brown spots on their surface. These spots are intentionally integrated into the design, creating a nostalgic texture that exudes charm rather than flaw. The smooth texture of the stoneware material provides a comfortable grip, making it a joy to hold.

Designed for couples or as a thoughtful gift to express love and wishes, our Hand-painted Japanese Bowl Set comes in pairs featuring camellia and ten-herb patterns. These exquisite bowls are thoughtfully packaged in a beautiful wooden gift box, making them perfect for personal use or as a meaningful present for your loved ones.

With a medium-sized design, these bowls are versatile and suitable for a variety of dishes. They can be used as rice bowls, porridge bowls, or soup bowls, making them perfect for those with smaller appetites. The thick walls of the bowls offer excellent insulation, ensuring that your food stays warm while keeping your hands cool and comfortable.

Experience the artistry of traditional Japanese ceramics with our Hand-painted Japanese Bowl Set. Add elegance and style to your dining table while appreciating the craftsmanship and beauty of these unique pieces.



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