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Handmade rattan natural colour wall plates

Handmade rattan natural colour wall plates


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Elevate the aesthetic of your coastal or boho room with our exquisite Rattan Wall Shelves. These thoughtfully crafted shelves showcase intricate woven rattan patterns, infusing your space with a natural and laid-back vibe. Whether you want to display coastal treasures, bohemian decor, or a combination of both, these shelves provide the perfect platform to showcase your unique style. With their durable construction and easy installation, our Rattan Wall Shelves offer versatile storage solutions that effortlessly enhance the coastal or boho-inspired atmosphere in your home.

Embrace the beauty of rattan and add a touch of organic elegance to your walls. Our Rattan Wall Shelves are designed to blend seamlessly with coastal or boho aesthetics, creating a visually pleasing and functional addition to your space. Choose from various sizes and configurations to suit your needs, and let these charming shelves be a focal point in your coastal or boho room, displaying your cherished items with style and grace.

material: rattan



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