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handmade Coarse Pottery Large Round Vase

handmade Coarse Pottery Large Round Vase


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This round ceramic vase has a smooth, matte finish. Colorer in a muted green hue often referred to as olive green or moss green, it features an understated speckled pattern in a lighter shade of green. Placed gracefully on a wooden table, the vase becomes an engaging centrepiece.

This vase effortlessly fits into multiple spaces, including the dining room, living room, and kitchen. Its versatile aesthetic complements both farmhouse and rustic decor styles, making it a seamless addition to your interior design.

Crafted by hand, the vase carries the authenticity of artisan work. For maintenance, a simple wipe with a damp cloth suffices to uphold its appeal.


20 cm / 7.87 inches diameter, 23 cm / 9.06 inches height, 1000 g / 2.20 lbs.


Materials: Ceramic

Care information

Wipe with a damp cloth

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