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Raffia Lampshade Geometric

Raffia Lampshade Geometric


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Step into a realm where rustic elegance meets nature's whimsy with the Raffia Mushroom Chandelier, an illuminating masterpiece that weaves the essence of the earth into the heart of your home. This chandelier, with its enchanting mushroom silhouette, is not merely a source of light but a beacon of natural charm, meticulously crafted from the finest raffia. Each strand of this unique material is carefully woven to form a shade that embodies the intricate patterns of nature itself, infusing your space with a warmth that mimics the serene glow of a sunset in a tranquil forest.

Ideal for those who crave a touch of bucolic grace in their living spaces, this chandelier finds its perfect home in both rustic-inspired and contemporary settings, bridging the gap between modern refinement and pastoral beauty. Whether casting its soft, inviting glow over a cozy living room, a serene bedroom retreat, or accentuating the communal warmth of a dining area, this piece transcends the ordinary. It is particularly suited for adorning the high ceilings of apartments, the spacious interiors of villas, and the modern elegance of condos, bringing a harmonious balance to any dwelling. The chandelier's materials, sourced from the heart of nature, speak of a commitment to sustainability and the celebration of the planet's raw beauty. In just a few, carefully chosen words, the Raffia Mushroom Chandelier is not just a fixture in your home; it is a story of connection, from the earthy fields where its materials began to the myriad of homes it illuminates, fostering an atmosphere of peace, elegance, and natural harmony.


Dimensions: 50 x 25 cm | 19.7 x 9.8 inches
Weight: 0.7 kg | 1.5 lbs


Materials: Raffia

Care information

Wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid direct sunlight and excessive moisture.

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