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Spiral Ceramic Tableware Set Made in Japan

Spiral Ceramic Tableware Set Made in Japan


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If you’re looking for a great Spiral Ceramic Tableware Set to enjoy with your loved ones, check out these exotic ceramic plates. This Spiral Ceramic Tableware Set is more than that, they’re a work of art and a manifestation of love, the love crafts-mans put into these traditional pieces. It’s a multi-century old art. This model is made with a very raw look, with speckles and paint brushes around it. Very organic look. You can both use in your everyday life and display as works of art

-Very unique Folk Art Asahi.

-Easy to grab, for people who love to drink with both hands.

-Make an amazing impression.

Size: 16.2X3.4cm/6.38x1.34In 17x4.9cm/6.69x1.93In 19.2x3.8cm/7.60x1.50In


Size: 16.2X3.4cm/6.38x1.34In 17x4.9cm/6.69x1.93In 19.2x3.8cm/7.60x1.50In


Kaolin Ceramic

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