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Wood Log Stools In Black (For Sale to US Only) - Solid Wood, Boho, Modern, Coffee Table

Wood Log Stools In Black (For Sale to US Only) - Solid Wood, Boho, Modern, Coffee Table

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Introducing our unique wooden pine stools! Each one is crafted from high-quality pine wood and comes in a variety of different shapes, making them a stylish addition to any home decor. Their rustic and organic look adds character and personality to any room.

The use of fire to turn these wooden stools black creates an alluring texture, adding an element of depth and character to each stool. The natural wood grain and knots are still visible beneath the darkened surface, creating a beautiful contrast between the two.

Not only are these wooden pine stools beautiful, they are also functional. They can be used as extra seating for guests or as a stylish coffee table or you can have to and a large wooden panel up, making a table etc..Order yours today and add a unique piece of natural beauty to your home decor!


A,B,E,I,L,M,P,R,S: 45x32cm (17.7x12.6 inches)

C,D,H,Q: 45x38cm (17.7x15 inches)

G,K,N: 45x30cm (17.7x11.8 inches)

F,H: 45x38cm (17.7x15 inches) and 30x45x42cm (11.8x17.7x16.5 inches)

J: 45x35cm (17.7x13.8 inches)

O, 40x45cm (15.7x17.7 inches)

Material: wood

Wood material: pine

Gross weight: 15KG



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