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Vintage Stoneware Vase Red Clay Pot Decoration

Vintage Stoneware Vase Red Clay Pot Decoration


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Rustic clay vases are great for people who like things as organic and raw as possible. These vases have an ancient almost primitive look and color, they're made thinking of the first vases ever made. The texture is terracotta and it has a raw finish. You can add your favorite flowers or leave them empty to spice your home.

*Not fit for water.

Weight: 350-440g/12-15oz

1style: Caliber 14CM; Width 18CM; Bottom 12CM; Height 27 cm
2style: Caliber 12CM; Width 8CM; Bottom 12CM; Height 21CM
3style: Caliber 12CM; Width 18CM; Bottom 11CM; Height 22CM
4style: Caliber 12CM; Width 18CM; Bottom 12CM; Height 25CM
5style: Caliber 12CM; Width 16CM; Bottom 10CM; Height 26CM
6style: Caliber 15CM; Width 20CM; Bottom 13CM; Height 18CM


1style: 14x18x12x27cm 5.5"x7.1"x4.7"x11"
2style: 12x18x12x21cm 4.7"x7.1"x4.7"x8.3"
3style: 12x18x11x22cm 4.7"x7.1"x4.3"x8.7"
4style: 12x18x11x25cm 4.7"x7.1"x4.3"x9.8"
5style: 12x16x11x26cm 4.7"x6.3"x4.3"x10"
6style: 15x20x13x18cm 5.7"x7.9"x5.1"x7.1"

Weight: 350-440g/12-15oz



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Clean with a lightly wet cloth.

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